Laserbrain for Apple iOS at iPhone, iPad & iPod

After one week the review of Laserbrain is finished by Apple and you can download it for your iPhone or iPad from the Apple App Store. The Application requires iOS 6.0 or later and it’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Laserbrain is optimized for iPhone 5, too. I am very proud because now it’s possible to play Laserbrain at almost 95% of the phones or tablets at the market. Now it’s time to concentrate more at new improvements. Continue reading

Laserbrain 1.1 update with professional translations

Some minutes ago I uploaded Laserbrain version 1.1 to the Google Play Store.

Professional translation

In this version I bought professional translations for Spanish, French and Italian. In the previous versions it was made by the Google Translator and I think that it wasn’t always very right. There were also some small mistakes in German and English. Continue reading

Laserbrain 1.0 update and tutorial video at Youtube

I just uploaded the new version of Laserbrain to the Google Play Store. It will take some hours until you can update your Android device or install the new version. This version is now out of beta because there were over 1000 downloads and I didn’t got any feedback about crashed or something else. Laserbrain looks very stable.

Tutorial video with some solution

You can find in the Play Store and at Youtube a tutorial video of the game. It took some attempts until the video was finished. Continue reading

Laserbrain is in the Google Play Store

After a long time of development I just uploaded Laserbrain for Android to the Google Play Store.

The first Version has over 210 levels and a leveleditor, where you could create your own levels. You can find a more detailed description here:

You can download Laserbrain for free: