Train your brain with Laserbrain! Solve more than 220 levels separated in 8 levelsets. You can use the level editor to create your own levels (to make a battle with your friends in a bar.) Download it for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from Apple App Store or your Android from the Google Play Store.

The goal

Combine all items, given in the level, to link one or more laser with different types of the goals. Earn Braincoins for each solution, you create in every level. You can use your brain and solve more than 200 levels by your own, or use your Braincoins to change them for hints or open new levelsets.

Laserbrain Gameplay

Some more details

  • 1 laser
  • 3 goals
  • 4+1 deflectors
  • 13 distributors
  • 13 blockersLaserbrain Editor


You can create your own levels with 23 different item types. The blockers are available in more than 12 different designs. Red blockers in some items represent outputs and can’t be used as flexible as the items without this rule. You can combine everything in the way you want. You can only save the level when it’s solvable.

Laserbrain Editor

You can choose between six languages: German, English, Russian, Spanish, French and Italian.

Ad and Tracking free

Laserbrain is Ad and Tracking free! If you like Laserbrain and want to support me, you can also buy some Braincoins.

Download Laserbrain

You can download Laserbrain for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from the Apple App Store. For Android you can download Laserbrain from the Google Play Store.



I am working on the BrainNet .. a platform where you can compare your Brainindex with your friends.